Get Valuable Insight into any Niche Market or Product with this Mini AI APP “Marketing Angle”

As a marketer sometimes you’re presented with products you’re not too familiar with. When I had to do marketing for a cigar company I learned about the different leaves, terminology, and acronyms such as BOTL and SOTL which stand for Brother of the Leaf, and Sister of the Leaf.🍂

Having the affinity with that audience allowed me to connect with them and serve them on a deeper level. I made a new AI mini App 🤖 to help you learn about the internal culture of a niche. Gain the edge and learn terminology and behaviors of your target market.

I called this one “Marketing Angle”

All you have to do is enter a product such as cigars, or a niche such as tobacco. And voila… you’re on your way to making conversation with cigar connoisseurs.

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